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Welcome to my photo page.

 I currently live in New Kent Virginia with my husband of almost 30 years and our  three dogs: Izzy, Lexi, and the new puppy - Callie. I have a son and a daughter that live close enough that we see each other often.  We have a five acre spread in the middle of nowhere. Well, not really, but people from the city picture it that way, so I let them think that.

I like to say I “live to photograph, am forced to work”, so I work full time in Accounting at a large paper mill, reaching my 32 year milestone there this year. I have had magazine covers and articles, calendars, been featured on websites, and published in the local papers as well as the Washington Post. I have won awards in many contests, including two of my favorites: Scenic Virginia and Virginia Wildlife. I served 5 terms as president of the Colonial Nature Photography Club with close to 100 members, where I helped guide many fledgling photographers to improve their skills, both in classes and through my monthly club newsletter. (I still do the newsletter each month)

I have been into photography about twenty years and it is my escape from reality. I focus (pun intended) on nature photography and am in my happy place when I am out in the wild with the birds and critters. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your visit.

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